Our Mission

  • Our mission is to inspire children to develop independent thinking, self-assurance, inner discipline, and a love of learning in an authentic Montessori environment.

Vision for the World

  • Our school aspires to create a world full of love and acceptance, a world rich with diversity, a world full of people pursuing their passions, and a world that is sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Adolescent student with radishes from our organic garden

Vision for the Child

  • Toddler program child in sandbox We want to help children become well-rounded individuals who are independent thinkers, internally motivated, reflective, self-disciplined, and self-assured. We want children to enjoy the process of discovery and to genuinely love learning. We want children to develop as peacemakers who respect themselves and others, who appreciate differences, who embrace collaboration and cooperation, and who want to help and care for living things. We want children to learn how to take responsibility for their actions and care for their world both locally and globally.

Vision for the Teacher

  • teacher with student Teachers in our school should be compassionate, understanding, and flexible, while also maintaining high expectations and firm limits. As well-rounded, responsible individuals, the teachers should be passionate and joyful about their own process of learning, as well as in facilitating others’ learning. As models of cooperation and collaboration, teachers should demonstrate collegial relationships, reflective processes, and peaceful ways of resolving conflict. Teachers should also be caretakers of themselves, the children, the classroom, the community, and the earth.

Vision for the Parent

  • Children's House (pre school) teacher with student Parents in our community should trust in their children’s unique developmental path and respect their children’s passions. Rather than praising, rewarding, or punishing, our parents should help their children learn to celebrate their own and others’ accomplishments, reflect on their own process, and consider ways to embrace new challenges. As members of the school community, parents can maintain a strong connection to the school and teachers, while also allowing their children the space to flourish independently. In addition, parents can allow their children to practice independence and pursue their own paths of discovery outside of the school setting.

Vision for School Leadership

  • head of school Todd Covert with Toddler Program childrenThe leadership team of the school should model respect, reflection, and responsibility, as well as encourage a climate of joyful and peaceful interactions. The leadership team should facilitate active communication among all members of the community, and provide ample opportunities for collaboration. Above all, the leadership team must always consider how administrative actions will affect the children, faculty, and parents within the school community.

Non-Discrimination Statement

  • Berkshire Montessori School, Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, disability, cultural heritage, political beliefs, marital status, or national or ethnic origin in employment or the administration of admissions programs or policies.