Montessori Learning Community

  • These characteristics distinguish a Montessori classroom:

    Mixed-age Groups
    Montessori classrooms gather together children of two, three, or more age levels into a family group. Children remain together for several years, with only the oldest students moving on to the next class at year’s end.

    A Family Setting
    Montessori classrooms are communities of children and adults. As children grow older and more capable, they assume a great role in helping to care for the environment and meet the needs of younger children in the class. The focus is less on the teachers and more on the entire community of children and adults, much like one finds in a real family.

    Cooperation and Collaboration, Rather Than Competition
    Montessori children are encouraged to treat one another with kindness and respect. Insults and shunning behavior tends to be much more rare. Instead we normally find children who have a great fondness for one another, in part due to the fact that children learn at their own pace, and teachers refrain from comparing students against one another.

two elementary students working together on a lesson