About our Program

  • Basic components of the Montessori program include:

    Individualized Instruction
    Learning starts with the child. The Montessori teacher observes the child’s interests and abilities and creates an environment in which these can flourish. An integral part of the Montessori curriculum is that the teacher must respect and follow the child.

    The Prepared Environment
    In a Montessori classroom, children are surrounded by concrete materials that enhance and explain what they are absorbing or studying. Through manipulation of these concrete materials, children not only refine their physical coordination and increase their ability to concentrate, but they also develop a solid foundation for abstract thinking.

    Multi-Age Groupings
    Every child works at his or her own level. Younger children learn through the observation of older children. Older children also have opportunities to develop leadership skills while serving as role models for the younger children. Cooperation and social responsibility are encouraged and a strong community develops. Children have the opportunity to develop social and academic relationships with older and younger students.

    Planes of Development
    Dr. Maria Montessori identified stages of growth, or “Planes of Development.” These planes of development are the basis for the age groupings found in Montessori schools.

About the School Day

  • We open our doors each morning at 7:30.  The school day runs from 8:00 am to 2:45 pm, with optional after school and extended day activities that run through 5:30.  Half-day programs are available for Toddler and Children's House students.

    We have bus service between school and several locations in Great Barrington and Stockbridge. Otherwise, students are dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the afternoon by parents, family, or other adults.

    The academic year runs from September through mid-June.

Hours by Program

Student group: toddlers, children's house (preschool), elementary (middle school), and adolescent program